inside my OSCar

Some of the rubber 'feet' had come away from the rubber 'ribs', so I thought I'd take the cover off to get them out. Having not seen much about these synths, I thought there may be a small subset of people who would be interested in seeing my OSCars internals. I was surprised at how little was in there. This one is a REV 7 with midi, and it all works perfectly.

8 screws , 4 at each end and the ends slide off, 3 screws in each end tapped into square rods that run the length of the synth.

The plastic face plate clips off at the back and lifts off. Simple.

A couple more pics, showing knobs and chips. Wonder how much that battery will be to replace.

Pretty clean inside, a testament to my own studio habits.

These are the protective 'ribs' I have to fix. Along with the plywood base, the massive rubber 'book ends' and a fairly cryptic interface, this synth has a unique aesthetic that is matched only by it's amazing sound.

A view inside, between the plywood base and the main board.

"Open the pod bay doors, OSCar"

All in all a wonderfull British synth, perfect for it's time.